martes, 23 de febrero de 2016


After learning PLAY THE GAME ~ PROTECT YOUR LIFE, young and old alike will be able to immediately use the methods taught for protection. This simple and straight forward approach to self defense is changing the perception of protection forever.

What makes this method so different is the element of FUN! There is no long list of forms, stances or techniques that need to be memorized and practiced. PLAY THE GAME uses one method with simple variations.  It is a completely non-combative approach and draws from actions, ideas, and concepts you already know.
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Learning to PLAY THE GAME is fun. Within minutes you will find yourself laughing as you attempt to score points. When you are confronted and under stress, just PLAY THE GAME - to - PROTECT YOUR LIFE. It will be completely natural to implement without a second thought.


PLAY THE GAME can be taught to children and adults alike with fun and ease.

Young and old will quickly realize to PROTECT YOUR LIFE is as
simple as PLAYING THE GAME and the only protection needed.

makes learning Play The Game fun & easy

PLAY THE GAME is designed for the child, student, grocery store owner, retired
salesman or anyone who wants to learn protection.

Simple instructions of each step show you how-to PLAY THE GAME.

Within minutes of PLAYING THE GAME, you will find yourself comfortable
with the methods, laughing as you score points, and confident that you will
be able to defend yourself if needed.

PLAY THE GAME is the self protection Game everyone wants so
they can learn self protection that can be used anytime, anywhere.

The Game is Awesome! I watched a 4 minute segment of the Game on Video with my 8 yr old son. After watching it together, we absolutely cannot hang out with each other without playing it. It is not only fun, and a ton of laughs, but I have noticed he has become very skilled at blocking my punches and offensive strikes. Self protection and defense has become almost instinctual for both of us, because we are comfortable with it. This a great game, fun to play, and I feel confident that both me and my son can defend ourselves much better.

After a couple of classes doing The Game, I feel I could defend myself against anyone